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What kind of warranty does Street Edge offer?
Street Edge coilovers are covered by a 2 year limited warranty against all defects in manufacturing. Street Edge Truck/SUV components are covered with a 5 year warranty. Please see our Warranty information page.

What do I need to install my coilovers?
Professional installation is highly recommended but for most cases standard shop tools are all that is necessary to successfully & safely install your coilovers.  A spring/strut compressor is always recommended when disassembling your factory suspension. We strongly recommend you keep your OEM suspension in the event that a warranty situation may occur to minimize you vehicles down time.

Will my coilovers rust?
Due to the gold galvanized coating on the housing and durable powder coated finish on the springs these coilovers are very corrosion resistant. Ultimately, in climates with severe weather conditions the maintenance and care is the sole responsibility of the consumer and failure to maintain the product is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

How do you adjust the height once installed?
Adjustment of the vehicles ride height is done by first loosening the perch set screw then adjusting the spring perch up to raise the vehicle or down to lower the vehicle. This should be done in small increments such as 1 or 2 turns at a time until the desired ride height is reached. Once the desired height is reached secure the allen-head set screw to 1 ft lb. to secure the perch in place. DO NOT over-tighten the set screw! Striped perches are not covered by warranty. For approved vehicle ranges please check out application guide.

Adjustment of the ride height may vary slightly by application.

How low can I drop my car?
How low your vehicle can drop may vary slightly depending on wheels and tire combinations.  For a complete list of our vehicle specified ranges please see our application guide.

 For any other questions please contact us 1-888-656-3343 or info@streetedgeusa.com